enero 31, 2023

F&F Ltd.

Planning and design of technical modifications to a confectionery factory production line based on ergonomic principles

What does it mean to be among the 10 organizations awarded by the European Agency for excellence in best practices as a healthy workplace?

F&F Kft. is a family-owned business where a great importance is placed on the worker retention and a positive workforce attitude. It was a great honor to receive the award for the efforts we are constantly placing to enhance the workplace for our colleagues.

What risks were identified and what solutions were implemented for employees in the area of ergonomics?

We have carried out a systematic risk assessment with the help of ergonomists to identify the main risks. The most significant problem was the high temperature generated by the technology, harmful bending of the spine and neck due to the different body heights on the production line and high load on wrists and arms while using the cutting scissors.   

What were the main results for employees after the implementation of the improvement measures?

Machine solutions could replace some tools, for example a cutting machine was used instead of scissors and pneumatic solutions were introduced at the press. Furthermore, an automated production line was also purchased for the products where the handmade nature of the products is not a factor. For the standing work at the production line new anti-fatigue mat and new, optimal footwear has been provided for the workers.

To what extent did employees participate in the project, and what was their level of involvement?

Employees participated in the project and provided actionable feedback to develop practical solutions including changes to equipment and tools.

The most significant problem was the high temperature generated by the technology, how did you solve this concern? A new air conditioning system was installed alongside the production line in order to provide more favourable temperature conditons.

What new projects are you working on to promote the prevention and health of workers? Several new projects are being analyzed and also being executed but these are more long term projects.



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