SAP: Promoting musculoskeletal health in the software industry through ergonomics

enero 31, 2023

What does it mean to be among the 10 organizations awarded by the European Agency for excellence in best practices as a healthy workplace?

It is an honor for us to receive the award on behalf of our entire health and safety network at SAP. It is a great motivation to continue this valuable work and cooperation.

What did it involve and what results did you achieve after the implementation of the comprehensive knowledge database called the Safety Toolbox?

The Safety Toolbox provides targeted and team-specific input on SAP’s safety focus topics. In order to develop a clear and easy-to-use interface, it was necessary to involve employees in the development and continuous improvement of the tools offered. Due to the targeted approach and positive feedback from employees, the Safety Toolbox has been used frequently in safety briefings. As a result, team awareness of health and safety has increased and interest in safety topics and activities has grown significantly.

Voluntary employee involvement and awareness of prevention issues has increased.

In addition, our community of Safety & Fire Agents has grown.

Could you explain what Virtual Health Days 2020 is based on?

The Lighten the Load campaign was run on a global level at SAP. It is a ‘get moving’ health campaign with 40+ events to choose from to help employees mitigate the risks of stress & inactive lifestyle by making healthy choices. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, various live sessions on ergonomics, workouts, and physiotherapy sessions were held online as part of Virtual Health Days 2020. A total of 796 employees volunteered to participate in the 17 virtual sessions of the Virtual Health Days 2020.

Usually, workers make individual ergonomic consultations in your company, what are the most frequently asked questions?

Increasing flexibility in the work environment has led to a growing focus on ergonomically designed workplaces at home. That’s why SAP offers online ergonomic consultation to help employees set up their workstations at home.

Do you consider the holistic and proactive approach to prevent MSDs as a guarantee for the success of your project?

The holistic and proactive approach was key to the success of the project. Thanks to the collaboration between Occupational Safety and Health, behavioral and situational prevention could be optimally combined. In this way, employees could be supported in the best possible way.

Your initiative also includes guidance on how to ensure ergonomic working conditions at the customer’s site, what are the results after implementation?

Ensuring ergonomic working conditions at the customer site can be a new challenge. The guidance demonstrates that even simple tips and measures can lead to better ergonomics and preventative action.

What new projects are you working on to promote the prevention and health of employees?

The Safety Toolbox is a dynamic platform that is constantly being improved and updated. This year, the holistic approach will be continued, and a wide range of activities will be offered.

For example, in addition to the Health Days, this year’s focus will be on what to do in an emergency. In order to be prepared in case of an emergency, safety runs will be carried out together with the teams. The necessary steps to be taken in the event of a fire or medical emergency are explained at four locations and the escape route is practiced.



La revista de las organizaciones saludables
Master en dirección estratégica y bienestar organizacional

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